Level test

Please note that this test is used for placement into a class during the COVID-19 emergency period. When you arrive at the school on your first day, you may need to complete this Official IELS World Placement test.

IELS World Placement Test

This is a grammar/vocabulary multiple choice test. There are 70 items. 10 for each level at the school. The questions are based on the current course books and have been cross referenced to the CEFR. If you score 0-9 your class level is Beginner A0- A1. 10-19 Elementary A2, 20-29 A2+ Pre Intermediate , 30-39 Inter B1, 40-49 Upper Inter B2, 50-59 FCE Level B2+, 60-70 Advanced C1 – C2. This test must be taken in conjunction with an oral interview to see your overall level of English.

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