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We offer all levels of English, from A0 to C2, from Beginners To Proficiency, in a wide range of adult and junior English courses, including English language & activity summer camps, business English and examination preparation courses.

One to one Courses

Our One-to-one English Language Courses are designed for people who wish to have individuals tuition.

Together we will find you the most suitable pathway programme which leads to your chosen course of study with class syllabus and educational materials tailored to your specific and individual learning needs. 

Individual tuition is the fastest way to learn a language. Whether you need general or specialised language, each course is entirely tailored to your needs and adapted to your rate of progress. It is the perfect option for those who have specific targets or limited time. It is particularly convenient for professionals and executives preparing for a business trip abroad, or negotiations and presentations in a foreign language. Our reputation for adaptability and flexibility means that your teachers will always respond to any further requirements you may have.

The course will definitely help you to improve your ability to understand and communicate effectively in English, enabling you to engage more confidently in the English-speaking environment of your choice.

Course Overview

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Accommodation & Supervision Highlights

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Students attending “IELS” should stay with host families. All our families are inspected and carefully selected by our accommodation officers who maintain regular contact with each host family during a student’s stay. Host families are conveniently located to the colleges and most have many years experience looking after students.
 Accommodation is usually arranged on a full board basis with packed lunch Monday to Saturday. Students normally share a room with a student of a similar age but different nationality. Unless specifically requested and if feasible there is only one student of any particular nationality in each family.
 Students normally travel to classes each day by public transport like bus, DART (suburban train) or LUAS (tram) or TUBE. Private transfers can also be arranged at an additional cost. 
Living with a host family gives a perspective into Irish or British family life. The interaction with a host family plays a prominent role in developing language skills.

Residences and apartments offer an alternative to the “host family” option for students who wish to immerse themselves and independently in the complete school experience. 

This type of accommodation offers students a degree of independence and freedom to explore. 

All the accommodation used by the Language School students is of extremely high quality. Each bedroom is either situated very close to our modern wash and toilet facilities or, alternatively, has its own en-suite shower room. Each student will have their own wardrobe, drawers, desk and chair.

We have self-catering and catering solutions in place. The catering facilities provide both hot and cold meals and a wide range of snacks.

All of the staff at “IELS” are committed to offering our students the best education during their stay. We inspire our students to work diligently so they can effectively improve their English proficiency.

Our experienced teaching staff are well trained and highly qualified in what they teach. They are up to date with the latest methods in teaching English as a foreign language and combine academic excellence with sensitivity and receptiveness to each student’s individual needs, talents and potential.
 All “IELS” teachers are university graduates with qualifications in teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) and are respected for their knowledge and professionalism.

The activities programme provides students with an opportunity to absorb some of the world’s rich heritage in a fun and relaxed way while also allowing students the opportunity to improve their English. This informal and social aspect of the programme is key to improving language skills. It also allows students from different nationalities to get to know each other outside the classroom. Some of the friendships made at “IELS” will last a lifetime.

During the evening, students will also have a programme of activities.

All the students have 24-hour emergency assistance.


One to One tuition per hour
All Year-RoundType1 hour per week2 hours per week3 hours per week More hrs/wk
One to One tuition In-person ***40 Eu *35 Eu *30 Eu * TBQ
One to One tuitionRemote/Distance learning 35 Eu * 30 Eu *25 Eu *TBQ**
One to One tuitionBlended Course35 Eu *35 Eu *35 Eu *TBQ**
* Please note: The course fees (Price per hour) are starting at the price scheduled above.
** Please contact us for more information.
*** 3 hours per week minimum
One to One Remote/distance learning requirements:
At minimum, you will need access to the following:
  • A desktop or laptop computer (Windows or Mac) OR an Android tablet or iPad OR a smartphone or iPhone
  •  A webcam (camera), speakers and microphone (these are almost always already built into laptops or mobile devices)
  • A good connection to the internet (If you can watch a YouTube video, you can make a video call)
  • An internet usage plan that is sufficient to cover the data consumption of a video call
Please contact us if you need support or would like to learn more on how do I get ready to have an English online course

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IELS reviews application 

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IELS sends offers via email and meeting

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Booking Confirmation

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IELS selection and placement procedure (IPA)
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orientation meeting

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The course starts or Departure

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