Our Values

Integrity is central to the fabric of the organisation and is generated through honesty and fair play.

Our associates have a passionate enthusiasm for education. The Leadership Activation approach generates excitement, emotional attachment and a sense of belonging to the global IELS Family.

Respect for learners, teachers or experts, families and those involved with the organisation is paramount.
Education provides a unifying spirit that leads to life-long friendships, camaraderie, teamwork and loyalty which transcends cultural, geographic, political and religious differences.
Discipline is an integral part of the educational process both in and outside the classroom and is reflected through adherence to the Ethics, the Morals and Education’s core values.

Sportsmanship mainly refers to virtues such as fairness, self-control, courage, and persistence, and has been associated with interpersonal concepts of treating others and being treated fairly, maintaining self-control if dealing with others, and respect for both authority and opponents.

Love, magnanimity, affection for others, sympathy and pity, are traits of Benevolence, the highest attribute of the human soul
Courtesy and good manners should be the expression of a benevolent regard for the feelings of others.
The sense of honour, a vivid consciousness of personal dignity and worth, characterised our teachers. They were born and bred to value the duties and privileges of their professions.
Rectitude is one’s power to decide upon a course of conduct in accordance with reason, without wavering
Honesty and Sincerity
Character and Self-Control

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