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Last updated May 2020

With your purchase of a product or service or ticket to an event, you agree to our Privacy Policy, Terms of Use and Refund Policy.

When you purchase of a product or service or ticket to an event from our website, you agree to our Privacy Policy, Terms of Use and Refund Policy.

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Terms and Conditions - General Information

The Leadership ACT Terms and Conditions are designed to ensure you are comfortable with the decision that you have made when working with our company.

Your purchase of a product or service or ticket to an event may or may not provide for any refund. Each specific product, service, event or course will specify its own refund policy.

To request a refund, please email: admin@www.ielss.com.

All refunds will be based upon the following terms and conditions.

Note : All the refunds will be processed within 180 working days after refund request is approved by Leadership ACT.
Terms and Conditions: Domain Names

All domain names are sold on a no refund and no return basis.

Terms and Conditions: Domain Business Service

By choosing to utilise Our Domain Business Service, and in exchange for the mutual obligations described below, You agree to the following terms and conditions of the Domain Business Service offered by Leaderdship ACT” doing business as Leadership ACT (“LeadershipACT.com”, “Us”, “We”).

1. We agree to:

(a) discuss the domain buying process with You, establish an appropriate budget in our professional estimation for obtaining domain name(s) You specify, and suggest alternatives in the event that such budget is beyond Your acceptable range;
(b) where such budget is within Your acceptable range, to represent You on an exclusive basis to negotiate the purchase of such domain name(s) or alternatives ("Domain Name(s)"), from the registrant(s) thereof, and to provide transactional facilities for payment and transfer of the domain name(s);
(c) present in a timely manner written offers or counter offers between You and the registrant(s) during negotiations;
(d) maintain confidentiality of personal, financial, trade secrets, business plans, opportunities, budgets, contact information or any other material information that if shared outside of the transaction could be deemed confidential; and

(e) identify any Domain Name(s) for which we are an agent in our list and if such Domain Name(s) are not listed in our list, we shall represent solely Your interests in any and all negotiations and transactions, regarding the acquisition of Domain Name(s) on Your behalf.

2. You agree to:

(a) work exclusively with Us to purchase any domain name(s) or alternatives we have discussed with you for a period of at least six months from such time as You have expressed an interest in to Us to purchase such domain name(s) or alternatives(s) on Your behalf;
(b) comply with the reasonable requests for You to supply any pertinent financial or personal data to fulfil these terms;

(c) communicate promptly, responsively and constructively with Us during any negotiation undertaken on Your behalf.

3. The Term of this agreement shall be six months from the date on which you have identified each or any domain name(s) of interest to you, or we have identified any alternative domain name(s) to you,

4. In addition to any flat or initial fee You have been charged, You further agree:

(a) You will pay Us a fee of the greater of 15% the final purchase price, or a minimum fee of 175.00 Euros and or value of the transaction(s) if You acquire or enter into a contract to acquire any such domain name(s) or alternatives in which you have expressed an interest during the term hereof,
(b) Your obligation to pay the fee described herein shall survive any termination of this Agreement.

(c) to consult with Us prior to inquiring about Domain Name(s) or contacting other domain agents or brokers to avoid the possibility of confusion over relationships, and misunderstandings about liability for compensation.

(d) that We are authorized to receive compensation either as a portion of commission offered by any Listing Firm to a buyer’s broker or paid by the seller.

(e) that payment of fees will be made the same day You purchase Domain Name(s), and will be deducted from any initial payment made by You to Us.

5. You acknowledge that We, in the course of Our business, may represent sellers of domain names as listing representative, and such domain names listed by Us may be of interest to You. You authorize Us to bring Your attention any domain names listed by Us which may suit Your needs. If You elect to see or consider such domain names listed by US to make an offer on such property, then We will make every reasonable effort to remain impartial to You and the seller. You agree that We shall not be liable to either party for refusing or failing to disclose information which, in our sole discretion would harm one party’s bargaining position, and would benefit the other party. However, We shall not be prevented in anyway from disclosing to You any material defects known to us in the domain name(s) or any other matter that must be disclosed by law and or regulations.

6. You agree that We cannot warrant that any particular domain name is available for purchase on terms acceptable to You, and that We reserve the right not to initiate, pursue or continue negotiations in circumstances were, in our sole discretion, there is little likelihood of a successful result.
7. You agree that We have been hired solely as a domain name business representative and that We are not a trademark, patent, or tax advisor, lender, SEO Expert, Media Buyer.
8. You should exercise whatever professional due diligence You deem necessary to acquire the use or property of a domain name.
Terms and Conditions: Domain Development Service

Contacts us for more details, please email: info@www.ielss.com

Legal Notice & General Statement
9. Leadership ACT reserve the right to alter and amend information contained in these Terms & Conditions without notice.

10. Age restrictions: Our Domain Name Services are available for purchase only for those over the age of 18. Our Services are not targeted to, intended to be consumed by or designed to entice individuals under the age of 18. If you know of or have reason to believe anyone under the age of 18 has provided us with any personal information, please contact us. 

Terms and Conditions: Coaching and Consulting

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Terms and Conditions: Service

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Terms and Conditions: Professionals

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Terms and Conditions: Innovations

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